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“Estimated” fees given by the copyright and master right´s administrators, that are still subjected to final confirmation from songwriters and/or artist.


Creator of music melody of a work.



Exclusive rights to a work, involving the right to produce, publish reproduce, translate and display it to a public through any media. It also includes the right to perform a work in public.



Is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded musical work.

Final Agreement


Last stage in the negotiation process of a music license. Final fee approved by the rights owners. This approval obliges the client to pay the license even though it won´t be used. Any change in the conditions detailed before must be negotiated again.

Final Request


Client´s offer for a license. This request forces the client to pay the license, whether it is used or not, if the rights owners accept this fee and conditions.  



Limitation of visualizations or audio streaming to a specific territory. Usually required by publishers and labels when they license any material.



Entity that administrates de master or recording rights.



A legal agreement conceding someone authorization to use a work for certain purposes or under certain conditions that have to be approved.



Actual studio recording of the song and most often owned by the label (a musical work could have been recorded by various masters by different artist).

Musical Work


Musical composition owned by the songwriter and composer.



Band or artist that recorded the master.

Pre Ballpark


A first fee highly susceptible to being greater or less in the next instances.

Public Performing Rights


Every act by which a plurality of perople can have access to the work (and phonogram, or performance fixed in the master), without prior distribution of copies to each of them.



Entity that owns or controls the copyright of a musical work and represents its business interests.  By means of a contract the publisher should license and monitor compositions, collect royalties and distribute them to the composers and songwriters.

Referential Value


It is an estimated fee given by us, based on our experience. It is previous to any contact with the right´s owners and is given in urgency cases.



Writer of the work´s lyrics.  

Sound Alike


Recording intended to imitate the sound of a work or record with possible claims from the rights owners.

Sync Right


The right to approve the recording of a musical work on the soundtrack of a visual video. A synchronization license is necessary in order to reproduce a song. In Exchange songwriters, composer, through their publishers receive royalties for sync rights.

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