MUSICJUGGLE es the ultimate synchronization app.

With MUSICJUGGLE app you can get a music license for your ad, TV show, film or video game easily, fast and reliable.

You can make consults, leave a comment, request a quote and complete the licensing process.

And there’s more:  you can recognize, search, hum or record a song and send it to us to identify it and also you can get complete information of the track,  lots of data regarding the artist, album and genre, among other info.

Try it. It's free and it doesn't have ads.


  • Listen to a song, hum it or record it.

  • Get a complete overview of the song and artist.

  • Make a consult, request a quote or get the information of the right holders to do it by yourself, depending on the plan you select.

  • You will also receive proposals of new tracks ready for licensing.

  • If the song you choose is too expensive for your budget or its use is not authorized by the right holders, MUSICJUGGLE provides you with alternative tracks. 

  • You can write to us at any time, consult about music and leave comments. 

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